Life at WaterHealth

At WaterHealth, we believe in a multidisciplinary, transparent and friendly environment. The talent pool comprises of diligent, ambitious and impactful go-getters, who consistently deliver high quality of work and ethical practices. We are people-focused, and ensure that talent is nurtured and rewarded with fast-paced growth. We are a company that wants to make a difference and invite talent that can make an impact.

Life at WaterHealth

Madhu Krishnamoorthy

Director, Head – Business Development, Marketing

“Running is about ‘me time’!”

For me, running is more about being with myself and having some “me time”. The additional advantage is that running also keeps me physically and mentally fit. Since I normally run early in the morning, the peace and quiet on the roads help me plan my day activities be it at office or home.

While I have been a “part-time” leisurely runner since 2010, I took up serious running when I participated in the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon (AHM) in 2013. Given the fact that AHM is the most challenging and difficult city marathon in India, I decided to take part in it for the sheer challenge of achieving something that was beyond my comfort zone. I participated in Half Marathons for the next 3-4 years but 2018 marked the yearning for a new challenge – the Full Marathon (42.2 Kms). It was only during the run that I understood the physical endurance, stamina and will power required for going the “distance”.

Suresh Babu Korabandi

Lead assembly

Suresh exemplifies the fact that, with hard work and diligence, a person can grow to any level! Suresh joined WaterHealth as a WHC Operator (Business Associate) at Pasumarru, Guntur. Suresh, from the beginning displayed a keen learning aptitude and was soon given additional responsibility as Service-in-charge for seven (7) Community Water Systems (CWS’) in the Guntur and Prakasam clusters.

He continued rendering excellent service not only in the technical field but also in operating the WHCs, trouble shooting and maintaining the quality of water as per the prescribed standards of WHIN. WHIN, recognizing his contribution and commitment, hired him under the Company payrolls and moved him to Hyderabad Corporate Office where he was soon made in charge of total assembly operation. He displayed his technical ingenuity by redesigning the 500 LpH plant by using used components from a 1,000 LpH plant.

Today, he is the Head of Operations for African Subsidiaries, WHI.

Ashish Rajote

Director, Head Service operations, Engineering, IT & Business Excellence

I am someone who innovates and creates his own play in life every moment. Though not a social animal, I interact with everybody with similar interests and try to get along with all kinds of people. I also believe that everyone we meet in life has some connection with us and he/she will enrich our lives in some way; as an optimist I believe that most people I have met have made me a better, a more evolved person even if it was (occasionally) by instilling certain challenges in my life!.

I enjoy spending leisure time with my family, be it a family outing, watching a movie or even cooking, I enjoy every bit of it. On the professional front, I have been heading the Operations team at WaterHealth India for the nearly 5 years. I am a hardcore service professional and have worked in various industries i.e. Telecom, consumer durables and office automation prior to joining WaterHealth.


Lead HR operations

“Work, Travel, Save and Repeat!”

I know this is easier said than done as many of us have obligations and responsibilities, but I am one of those people who believe that if you want something bad enough, there is a way to achieve it.

My father is the one who helped me develop an interest in travelling. He’s a national level badminton player so every year he’d go to different places for his tournaments and take me along. This helped develop a yen for travelling in me and I started exploring different places with my friends. I find it interesting to travel to different places and meet new people.

For me, traveling is like an opportunity to experience different cultures and have another story that I’ll remember forever. It helps put things into perspective. It allows me to realize that there are bigger and beautiful things surrounding us.