WaterHealth also undertakes various social awareness campaigns to create awareness and to bring about behavioural change towards safe drinking water and its positive impact on health.

WaterHealth India runs social awareness program called "Unnati". The Company engages brand advocates called 'Abhivaktas' from the local communities to spread awareness about safe drinking water, making use of their 'connect' with others in the community. The social awareness programs focus primarily on creating awareness among women and school children in the communities being served. The Company has reached out to more than one (1) million consumers in 134 locations through these campaigns.

This program has been running successfully at various locations and has helped to increase the adoption of dr. water, to build a positive perception about the brand dr. water and amplified the positive user experiences through word of mouth, PR and other BTL activities. It has also helped in developing positive and sustainable engagement in the community.


WaterHealth Ghana (WHG) launched the Nokosuo Campaign. It is a brand advocacy campaign for the communities where WaterHealth serves. Through this campaign, company aims to build positive perceptions about the brand dr. water among the locals and educates them about clean and safe drinking water.

During this campaign, a consumer is chosen from the local community as the brand advocate. The brand advocates work along with the WaterHealth Social Marketing team (SMaAT) to run high-impact social programs for the community on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) awareness.

Brand Advocate engages with the community by sharing his/her positive experiences about the brand dr. water and educates them to adopt clean and safe drinking water. This helps to motivate people in the community to adopt the clean drinking water for their families.

Once the program gets completed, the WHG chooses the most effective brand advocate from each region as the best "Brand Ambassador" and gets the reward in the form of scholarships or free water coupons.

This campaign helps to familiarize brand dr. water among the locals through their own community members and helps in building brand awareness. These brand advocates are the key to building the trust for the brand in the community and their story has high impact and better connect with audiences which help in generating effective word of mouth for the brand.