Are you having questions about your new life in WaterHealth?

Initial few days for a new recruit are the most critical ones. The level of comfort and ease of settling down in the first few days determines how he/she views him/her (self) within the organization. In order to provide a comfortable and supportive work environment to a new employee, WaterHealth runs an initiative called the Buddy Program, through which each new employee is assigned a Buddy. The Buddy supports the new employee through the initial few difficult weeks, helping him/her to settle down and adjust to the organization and its culture.

  • To provide the new employee with a point of contact for general queries regarding day-today operational issues, [such as the location of facilities, information processing requirements and relevant company policies] and
  • To help the new employee integrate with the company by providing access to someone who is familiar with our culture, attitude and expectations.

Buddy program therefore is an easy way to settle the new employee into the company and equip him/her to deal with other unknown issues. This program runs both in WHIN and its subsidiaries (WHG and WHN).


A town hall meeting, (open forum for employees to interact with leadership team) which is conducted every quarter for India, Ghana and Nigeria employees. Here the management team talks about its goals and objectives, how the quarter has progressed, discusses about the achievements and challenges faced by each function and their plans for the next quarter. Employees get an opportunity to ask questions which are answered by the Functional Heads or the Chief Operating Officer. Action items are noted and acted upon.

Country Head Interaction Program (CHIP)

CHIP is an Interaction and redressal program of WaterHealth Ghana (WHG) and WaterHealth Nigeria (WHN) which provides an opportunity to employees/Associates to meet with the Country Heads of (African Subsidiaries) WaterHealth International. It is a forum for employees/Associates to share their ideas, views, discuss their concerns, on-field issues and challenges and give suggestions for improvement.

WHINspire "Reward and Recognition Program"

WaterHealth India (WHIN) and its Subsidiaries i.e. WaterHealth Ghana (WHG) and WaterHealth Nigeria (WHN) fosters a culture of meritocracy and result orientation. WHINspire (the Reward and Recognition Program) of the company is designed to motivate and reward high performers based on a transparent and fair performance management system. For high performers, WHINspire rewards both loyalty and consistency. WHIN also runs an annual performance management system for the entire organization, these two [2] programs complement each other.The objective of WHINspire is to motivate employees to achieve goals/achievements in line with Company's values, vision, mission and the annual budget; Recognize specific, unique and value adding contributions of employees based on predefined performance metrics; Drive excellence through internal competition as well as cooperation; Recognize loyalty and commitment to the company.

The Reward and Recognition Program is classified under four categories:

  • Individual effectiveness (potential) based recognition: This program recognizes individuals who have either epitomized WaterHealth values/culture or significantly conformed to any one [1] of the personal attribute(s).
  • Individual performance (goal achievement) based reward: This program rewards individuals from customer facing functions who have met or exceeded their targets. For Shared Services, this program rewards the employees who have performed exceedingly well against their highest weighted Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Team performance (goal achievement) based recognition: This program recognizes the teams who have performed exceptionally well on their assigned projects. WHC staff i.e. Operators, Chota Business Heads, Drivers and Helpers is excluded from this category.
  • Long Term Service award: This program is for all employees who have completed three [3], five [5], ten [10] years of service in WaterHealth India.


COOnnect a unique program for WaterHealth India (WHIN) employees at the Junior level, who rarely get an opportunity to meet the Senior Leadership team are invited to spend time with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WaterHealth. provides an opportunity for employees to meet with the Chief Operating Officer. The employees share their ideas/views and concerns with the COO, on-field problems and challenges including suggestions for improvement. This provides employees to experience a first-hand interaction with the Leaders of the Company. In summary COOnnect is a platform where employees can experience the culture of transparency and 'open door policy' at WHIN.

State Head Interaction Program

Like COOnnect, WaterHealth also runs a program for the Business Associates called SHIP (State Head Interaction Program) in India where the Business Associates get an opportunity to meet the State Head in person and discuss their thoughts and ideas to improve the WHC operations, the Business Associates also use this forum to update the State Head on the prevailing ground realities. In summary SHIP is a platform where BAs can experience the culture of transparency and 'open door policy' at WHIN.


WaterHealth India (WHIN) recognizes the need to recruit and train fresh graduates (Management/Functional/Engineering trainees) for leadership roles to support the Company's accelerated growth. This is done through a unique program called the "BOOT Camp".

Traditionally the US Marine Corps used BOOT Camp as a rigorous training program and mental endurance to transform a recruit into a bonafide 'marine'. The training is intense and challenging, the challenge comes as much from the arduous physical training as it does from the psychological adjustment to survive in a hostile environment.

Similarly, WaterHealth runs the BOOT Camp program under three [3] different categories, General, Skill and Technical each of these tests the mental strength, skill, adaptability and attitude of the trainees. The BOOT Camp therefore churns out proverbial 'Soldiers for WaterHealth', completely trained and armed. Currently this program is being conducted in India, it is being planned to launch it in subsidiaries (Ghana and Nigeria) soon.

Employees Satisfaction Survey

WaterHealth conducts employee satisfaction survey annually across all its subsidiaries India, Nigeria and Ghana. Through this survey WaterHealth measure the satisfaction rate among its employee.