Annual Maintenance Contract

WaterHealth offers different AMC plans to its customer which covers every aspect of equipment maintenance. Periodic maintenance activity includes:

  • Cleaning and sanitisation of the entire system.
  • Inspection of cartridge filters and change of filters, (if needed).
  • Verification/adjustment of flow set points.
  • Inspection and verification of the dosing systems.
  • Inspection and controlling leakages.
  • Checking all level switches, pressure gauges, solenoid valves and rotameter.
  • Checking of overall system health and verification of controller operation.

Spares required for equipment maintenance would be chargeable in all the plans. WaterHealth would provide the quotation of the spares to customer as and when required. For AMC where consumables are not covered, customer can opt to place the order to WaterHealth in advance. Customers are recommended to obtain an AMC at the time of purchasing the equipment to enable WaterHealth plan for the servicing needs of the customers well in advance and stock the required spares in its warehouse.

Toll free number "1800 266 266"

The plans currently offered are: