Packaged Business Unit

Packaged Business Unit provides safe, affordable and reliable water to the urban masses. The current packaged drinking water market is highly competitive with products which are beyond the reach of urban middle class (due to higher price) for daily use. WaterHealth is providing affordable packaged drinking water access under the brand name ‘dr. water’ in India (20 L) and Ghana (200 ml sachet).

Packaged Drinking Water (20 L Cans):

In India, WaterHealth ventured in to the packaged drinking water in the year 2012 to support its rural cause. Every bottle of dr. water purchased in the city will help WaterHealth provide an affordable solution for safe clean and 100% pure drinking water to millions of underserved Indian families.  We have a packaged drinking water plant which is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in Hyderabad. WaterHealth supplies packaged water to both corporate as well as retail customers in 20 liter cans through this plant.


  • Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) certified packaged drinking water.
  • State of the art seven (7) stage water purification technology.
  • 4 hourly tests are done to ensure physical parameters like colour, odour, taste, turbidity and pH are maintained as per WHO standards.
  • Daily tests are conducted to ensure that dr. water retains essential minerals and is free from any unwanted and harmful dissolved solvents, including microbiological contaminants.
  • Weekly tests are conducted to validate the purification process and maintain high quality standards.
  • Greater shelf life (30 days).
  • A certified eco-friendly plant, compliant to Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) regulations.