Education & Awareness

WaterHealth recognizes that knowledge and community engagement programs are important factors in the widespread adoption of safe water usage. WaterHealth develops partnerships with healthcare professionals and respected community service organizations to provide outreach and education programs in the communities where it operates.WaterHealth also undertakes various social awareness campaigns to bring about behavioral change towards safe drinking water and its positive impact on health. The company engages brand advocates called ‘Abhivaktas’ from the local communities to spread awareness about safe drinking water, making use of their ‘connect’ with others in the community. These social awareness programs focus primarily on creating awareness among women and school children in the communities being served. The Company has reached out to more than one (1) million consumers in 134 locations through these campaigns. 

Community Education activities include :

  • School health education program
  • Teachers’ training
  • Formation of a School Cabinet
  • Education awareness activities
  • Visit of school cabinet members to the local WaterHealth Center
  • School children taking an oath to use safe water
  • Child to community interaction, utilizing their knowledge to influence others in the community