Consumer Business Unit

Consumer Business Unit (CoBU) is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the WaterHealth Centre's during the concession period. CoBU's consumers include the beneficiaries from the local community where the WHC is installed, small establishments and local government bodies. Total consumers per community impacted by WHIN's product and services ranges from 8,000 - 20,000 people. The consumers either come to the WHCs to get water at a nominal price of `6 for a 20 liter can or the water is delivered to them by the distributors appointed by the Company. This business unit offers safe drinking water solutions and community engagement programs as its products and services. The customers of this business unit are the community and institutions to whom safe and purified water is provided either over the counter (OTC) at the WHCs or through delivery.  

Over the Counter (OTC) Consumer

dr. water delivery vehicle for consumer

The distribution reach through dr. water points.

WaterHealth through its decentralized community water systems provides safe, clean and affordable drinking water solution to the underserved communities of India and Africa. WaterHealth provides the consumers with the jerry cans and 20-liter bubble tops at their centers for fetching and carrying water.