WaterHealth Center (WHC)

WaterHealth Centers (WHCs) are decentralized purification systems which provide safe water access to large number of people in India and Africa. These Centres are ideal solutions for serving a community with a population ranging between 15,000-25,000 This product is sold to various kinds of customers i.e. corporates (under their CSR obligation), philanthropists, NGOs and International Development Agencies.


  • Six (6) stage world class water purification technology.
  • RO + UV Technology to provide WHO quality water.
  • Modular Equipment design for easy replacement of defective parts.
  • Well Defined Standardized Operating and Maintenance procedures to run WHC operations.
  • Periodic water quality testing through State of the art laboratories (Chemical and Microbiological) to ensure that each drop of ‘dr. water’ dispensed from any of the WHC is safe for drinking.