Autonomous Transportable Operating Module (ATOM)

ATOM is a rapidly deployable water purification system which can be used to provide immediate relief to any calamity affected habitations. ATOM is an ideal solution where there is a need of rapidly deploying purified water for drinking purpose.


  • Complete automated operations.
  • Plug and play model, self-contained unit which can purify any source of raw water.
  • Easily transportable to any site (calamity affected region) in a timely fashion.
  • Small foot print, occupies only 200 square feet.
  • Modular equipment, can be upgraded as per the requirement.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Can operate on multiple sources diesel generator, UPS or grid power and has its own source of power/energy.
  • Robust and can sustain operations for more than twenty-five (25) years.
  • Backed by excellent customer service and annual maintenance contract.