Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. It is the most populated country in Africa with over 175 million people. According to World Bank report, more than 30% of the population (i.e. 51 million) in Nigeria lack access to improved water sources.

WaterHealth Nigeria (WHN), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WaterHealth International, was established in 2012 with the vision to provide safe, scalable and affordable drinking water to underserved communities across Nigeria.

WHN has made a small beginning in the country by installing seven (7) WHCs in the south-western region of the country i.e. Lagos state and adjoining areas. The Company however plans to expand this presence significantly.

WaterHealth is closely working with Corporates, International Developmental Agencies and Local Government Agencies to roll out WHCs across Nigeria in a phased manner.

Consumers taking water from WaterHealth Centers (WHC) in Nigeria