Compact Automated Module for Purification (CAMP)

Automated water purification unit combining high-end purification technologies.

Zero plastic waste through innovative piped network solution.

‘Pay per Use’ model.

The long Contract term ensures stable pricing.

Infrastructure operated and maintained by WaterHealth through the agreed term.

Salient Features

Compact and modular design.

The multi-stage purification process involves Ultra-filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection.

Remineralization of purified water with essential minerals to improve the taste.

Low energy footprint through optimized power consumption.

Minimal water wastage with a recovery of up to 75%.

Integrated Purification and Dispensation (IPD)

Integrated purification cum dispensation units.

Contactless water dispensation (using Infra-Red Sensors).

Ideal for Small and Medium-size offices/corporates.

Hassle-free operations, easy installation, and maintenance.

Salient Features

Plug and use units.

Cold, Ambient, and Warm water dispensations, are offered as per the customer requirement.

Lower footprint unit ranges between 4.5 sq.-ft – 7 sq.-ft.

Remineralization of purified water with essential minerals to improve the taste.

IPD Small (100 LpH)

Lower capacity unit for small and medium-size offices/corporates.

Serves 100 – 500 people on daily basis.

Five (5) stage purification process implemented.

Equipped with remote monitoring.

IPD Large (250 LpH)

Higher capacity unit for medium size offices/corporates.

Sevres 400 – 1,500 people on daily basis.

Six (6) stage purification process involving PF + RO + UV implemented.

Equipped with remote monitoring.


An automated compact Wall Mount RO unit and ground-based filter vessel.

Minimum floor space covered by the equipment.

Economical solution for Corporate and Commercial Kitchens.

Serves the drinking water requirements of at least 500 people on daily basis.

Salient Features

Automated Control Panel & Auto multiport Valve (for backwash)

Automatic operations require minimal interventions.

Auto-shutdown capabilities for any deviations found by the unit.

Hand Wash Kiosk

Integrated hand washing and sanitizing unit.

Suitable for all entry point locations which receive customer/employee footfall like Restaurants, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Corporates, etc.

Efficient design that minimizes wastages by dispensing water and soap in mist form.

Minimizes the risk of communicable diseases/infection spread in the premises, due to proper hand wash and sanitization at the entry point.

Salient Features:

Contactless dispensation mist form (soap and water).

Twin nozzles for parallel hygiene washing and sanitization.