The PPP business model involves partnering with local government bodies (Panchayats in rural areas and Municipalities in urban areas) that provide resources such as land and raw water for setting up decentralized community water systems called WaterHealth Centers(WHCs). The initial capex for constructing the WHCs is solicited from international development agencies, trusts/foundations and corporates (under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives). WaterHealth’s partners in progress can be classified into Government, Developmental Agencies, Corporate CSR and Operational Bodies.

Government Bodies: WaterHealth has entered in an agreement with various Government bodies to provide safe drinking water to larger populations.

  1. With BBMP(BruhatBangaluru Mahanagara Palike), WHI will be setting up two hundred WHCs in underserved areas of Bangalore city in India with an aim to provide access to safe drinking water to over ten (10) million inhabitants of the city. The Company has been operating over ten WHCs with a plan to set up fifty more in the current year.
  2. With Delhi Jal Board, WHI will be setting up 30 water purification plants and over 200 Water Dispensation Units (WDUs) across the capital city of Delhi.
  3. With Ministry of Local Government and Sanitation - Government of Ghana, WHG will be setting up community water systems (WHCs) across Ghana under Ghana Wash Window Programme

Developmental Agencies: The initial capex of the WHCs being set-up in various countries can be supported by various developmental agencies.

  1. United States Agency for International Development (USAID): USAID has partnered with the Company under various alliances in diverse locations:
    1. Under their Urban WASH Alliance, USAID and WHI will provide access to safe and potable drinking water over one million people in Bengaluru city.
    2. USAID has also partnered with WHI to provide safe water in underserved communities of Ghana, and has currently set up 5 WHCs there.
  2. Netherlands Enterprise Agency: Netherlands Enterprise Agency has awarded funding to WaterHealth to construct eighty-five WHCs in Ghana ender Ghana Wash Window (GWW) Program.
  3. Tata Truts’ has partnered with Jaldhaara Foundation and WaterHealth for setting up 50 water purification plants to provide access to safe water to communities in northern Karnataka, India.

Corporate CSR: WaterHealth International is collaborating with Corporates as their CSR partner to work together to create social and environmental impact in the many underserved communities across India and abroad.

  1. Safe Water Africa Programme: It’s a consortium between WaterHealth International, Coca- Cola Company, Diageo Foundation and Global Environment and Technology Forum (GETF) to provide safe & clean drinking water solutions to the communities of Africa. The consortium has launched over 30 WHCs across the three countries ofGhana, Nigeria and Liberia and has positively impacted lives of a large population (about 3 lac) in underserved communities there. Under this consortium our various partners are:
    1. Funding Donors: The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) and the Diageo Foundation.
    2. Implementation Partner: WaterHealth International (WHI) through its subsidiaries installs, operates, and maintains decentralized water treatment facilities.
    3. Program Administrator: Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF) provides manages the consortium partners and is responsible for reporting on the project.
  2. CSR Collaboration with Kosmos Energy: WaterHealth International has recently collaborated with Kosmos Energy to provide safe & clean drinking water solution to the communities of Ghana in Africa.

Operational Partners: To increase the operational efficiency of the company and reduce the costs, WaterHealth will get in to agreements with several agencies:

  1. Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers has partnered with WaterHealth India (WHIN),to facilitate its cash collection process across 450 locations in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  2. Dutch Water Partners (DWP) will provide water purification equipment under the Ghana Wash Window (GWW) programmein Ghana
  3. Under the Ghana Wash Window Programe, our NGO Partner, Global Women Development Promoters (GLOWDEP) will provide extensive WASH education and monitoring program to support the WHC operations.

A Million Thanks To Our Partners

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike approved the setting up of a WaterHealth Center in each of the 198 wards in Bangalore

Partnered with WaterHealth Internatinal to slove the drinking water problem in Africa through the "Safe Water of west Africa" consotrium

Partnered with WaterHealth International to provide access to safe drinking water

Partnered with WaterHealth India for setting up 65 WaterHealth Centers in Nothern Karnataka

Provided funding for setting up 25 BBMP WaterHealth Centers across Bangalore

Diageo Africa created the "Water of Life" program to support projects that provide access to clean drinking water and advance environmental conservation through WaterHealth

Awarded funding to WaterHealth to construct 85 WaterHealth Centers in Gahana Under the Ghana Wash Window (GWW) Program.

A Consotrium for seeting up 200 WaterHealth Centers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Partner with us and help us create a 100 million possibilities for the underserved.