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Pandula Venkateshwaramma

Kothuru village, Eluru town

Pandula Venkateshwaramma lives in Kothuru Village with her aged mother in law, her two children and her husband. In addition to looking after her family, she is also the President of the women's Self Help Group - Sanjiveni. Unfortunately, her family would constantly fall sick, which was later attributed to unclean drinking water. This would not only put her behind in her work, but would also result in a minimum expenditure of Rs 400 every month on medicines.

When WaterHealth set up a WaterHealth Center (WHC) in the village, things began to change for Pandula and her family. Not only did WHI purify the water in the village, but they also conducted awareness campaigns on the benefits of safe drinking water. Field Executives went from door to door with glasses of water to convince the community about the benefits of drinking Dr. Water. Gradually, Pandula started going to the Center herself to collect the water.

Within 4 months her monthly expenditure on water went down from Rs 450 per month to Rs 120 per month. The overall health of her family members improved, which in turn led to a monthly savings of doctor fees, medicine costs, unnecessary travel costs and mental tension. In total, almost Rs 1500 per month was saved as a result of WHI initiatives.


Ikkuru village, Narasaraopeta India

Mr Anjaiah has a petty shop at Ikkuru Village where he sells miscellaneous items for a living. Initially, he admitted his child in a government school, but because he would have to go into town to buy the items for his shop, he was unable to drop his child to school regularly. As a result, his studies suffered.

On partnering with WHIN, he now sells 1/2 and 1 liter bottles of Dr. Water to travelers, auto drivers and the likes. With these booming water sales, Anjaiah was able to reinvest in and expand his business. This has enabled him to reduce his visits to town. He now has the time to drop his son to school. More importantly, he has generated enough disposable income to enroll his son in a much better private, English medium school.

Dr. Krishna Prasad

Ravipadu village India

Dr Krishna Prasad is a Registered Medical Profession (RMP) aged 54 years. RMPs are roaming doctors who give medicines to patients at their doorsteps. Earlier, for a period of 10 years, he would regularly get typhoid once or twice a year. Thus, he was unable to treat patients for fear of infecting them. This resulted in an unfortunate loss of work days, especially since he was the sole bread winner in the family.

Today, Dr. Krishna has mixed feelings regarding the new WaterHealth Center set up by WHI. He is happy to the extent that he has not fallen sick at all over the past 1 ½ years since the WHC was set up. This has however come at a cost for him - a reduction of water borne diseases has resulted in a loss of daily income, which he would have otherwise earned.

Thus, recounting his own experience, he always advises his patients to drink the safe water provided by WHI, which he believes will guarantee a reduction of both medical expenses and doctor's fees.


Makkinvaripalem village India

Raju is a student of Government High school, studying in class 7 in Makkinvaripalem village. He fell sick with diarrhea quite frequently due to the unclean water he drank at home. As a result, he would miss class at least twice a month. WHIN's field executive addressed his class and explained to them the benefits of safe drinking water and the diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. He also explained the purification process involved in a WHC and how it would lead to better health. On convincing his father to register with a WHC, things began to change for Raju. Within 6 months, Raju's health problems took a backseat and he rarely missed a class. By the end of the year, not only did he top his class, but he also became a member of the school's water committee, motivating the nearby community members to drink safe water.

Vura Satyanarayana R.M.P


So far my family has consumed different types of drinking water. But we always suffered with some or the other diseases. But after starting to drink water from the WaterHealth Centers, we have lived very happily. Even if we have a medical store, now there is no need to spend money on medicines. Moreover, this water is so tasty. I have two daughters and they live a very happy life without any diseases. Earlier we use to suffer asthmatic cough and fever regularly. But now we are not falling sick anymore. I express my gratitude to founders of this institution, organizers of this plant and the owners of Water health India.

Athikila Udaya Bhaskar

Achanta Vemavaram, West Godavari

I am Athikila Udaya Bhaskar, living in Achanta Vemavaram village of Achanta mandalam for the last 50 years. I have a wife, daughter and a son. By profession I am a weaver. Since childhood I use to drink bore well water. I didn't suffer any trouble till the age of 30. But from the last year onwards I have been suffering from knee pains, frequent cold, cough, etc. Even after I started drinking boiled water, knee pains kept getting worse. On visiting the doctor, he told me that these types of problems occur because of drinking contaminated water and advised me to drink purified water. On those days there was no water health center in my village. So I had to bring purified water from Achanta village which is just 3km away from our village. Since then my problem has been solved. Later a WaterHealth center was provided in our village and since then me and my family has lived a happy and healthy life. Today "water pollution" in India is very high due to rapid growth of population. I sincerely thank the owners of water health centre for establishing this centre for providing safe purified drinking water with an aim of freeing the public from the dangerous waterborne diseases.

Siram Ramadevi

Achanta Vemavaram, West Godavari

I am Siram Ramadevi, a resident of Achanta Vemavaram village of Achanta mandalam. I have two children. I am into the kirana business for the last 30 years. At the beginning we use to drink water from a pond. Because of this my entire family was suffering from cold and fever. Even after we had started drinking bore water, there was no change in the situation. At that time, WaterHealth center was established in my village and we found a solution to all our health problems as it provided safe and purified drinking water. We have told our relatives, friends and neighbors about the advantages of drinking purified water and disadvantages of contaminated water. Now many of them are drinking safe water provided by the WaterHealth centers. I, on behalf of all the people of our village thank WaterHealth for establishing a purifying water center in our village.

Shaik Lalbi

Marteru, West Godavari

My children are very active. And the reason for that is we drink the water provided at the WaterHealth center. From the time WHCs were started in our village we have been drinking the same water every day and since then we never have had any health complains. We fetch water only from the WaterHealth centers set up in our village. We continue to use this water with a belief that if we drink it, our entire family will live a healthy life without the need of going to a doctor. Before I use to suffer from fever regularly but after I started getting water from WHC I have stopped having any health problems. I thank all the people who are involved in providing this water.