WHIN team manages all the processes and systems associated with consumer life cycle. This includes acquisition activities, managing distribution channels thereby leading to better adoption of safe drinking water.

Consumer Acquisition

  • The aim of the activity to acquire new customers and increase the existing customer base. In order to do so, the Company carries out various marketing activities.
  • Brand advocacy campaigns.
  • New plant launch promotion.
  • Customized collaterals for each WHC with testimonials.
  • Consumer data availability through consumer registration forms.

Consumer Retention

  • Monthly subscription scheme for consumers [to provide bulk water at discount prices].
  • Social awareness campaigns highlighting the need for using purified drinking water.
  • Loyalty programs for consumers

Managing Channel Partners

  • Providing convenience to the consumers by delivering water at their doorstep.
  • Increasing the visibility of the Organization within the community.
  • Increasing the product reach for consumers.s

Consumer Acknowledgement

  • Education scholarship for children.
  • Brand advocates spread good word because they feel pride in associating with the brand.